The easiest, safest, and most environmentally responsible kitty litter delivered hassle-free every month

The easiest litter for cat owners who truly care about their cat…and the planet.

The easiest, safest, and most 
environmentally responsible kitty litter delivered every month

The easiest litter for cat owners who truly care about their cat…and the planet.

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Easy, Safe, and Responsible Kitty Litter, Delivered Monthly

TofuKitty is the only cat litter that’s good for the environment and good for your cat.

how it works

Let me know how many cats you have so I can send the right amount of TofuKitty litter

I send a one month supply of TofuKitty to your door each month, and I’ll pay your shipping

Fill your litter box with ~2-3” of TofuKitty, and refill as needed. One bag will last an entire month

The easiest, safest, and most environmentally responsible kitty litter

For owners who care.

TofuKitty is a new kind of premium cat litter. Designed for today’s sophisticated, aware, and busy cat owner, TofuKitty Club takes the hassle and harmful environmental impact out of kitty care! My revolutionary litter is made entirely from recycled soy, and performs 2-3x better than clay or crystal litters at absorption and odor control.
TofuKitty Vegan Kitty Litter

It’s easier.

Dust free, clumping, and flushable. Made from 100% soy, TofuKitty is virtually dust free, clumps in seconds, absorbs moisture 3x better than clay and 2x better than crystal litter, and is 100% flushable. There’s no tracking and no dust. Flush and done!
Less time cleaning, more time petting!

It’s safer.

Clay litters contain chemicals and dust known to cause cancer to you and your cat. Crystal litters are painful for your cat’s paws and are terrible for the environment. TofuKitty is made entirely of food-grade soy that’s perfectly safe for your cat…and you!
TofuKitty is soft on paws and hard on odors!
Tofu Kitty Litter
Soy Kitty Litter

It’s great for the environment.

TofuKitty is made entirely of reclaimed food-grade soy that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It locks away CO2 from the atmosphere and is 100% vegan friendly. It’s also completely biodegradable, unlike clay and crystal litter.
TofuKitty is environmentally responsible cat litter!

Engineered for odor control.

TofuKitty is vastly more absorbent than any other type of cat litter and clumps almost instantly, locking the moisture away and eliminating odors in the process.
The most advanced odor control available…naturally!
Natural Kitty Litter

One cat, one bag, one month.

TofuKitty is the next generation of litter. In addition to being environmentally responsible and incredibly easy, it simply absorbs better and lasts longer. One bag of TofuKitty will last one cat one entire month!
One cat, one bag, one month. It’s that simple!

Delivered to your door each month, and I pay your shipping.

I wanted to make access to the easiest, safest, and most environmentally responsible kitty litter as easy as possible. No more running out, no more lugging heavy bags. TofuKitty arrives at your door right when you need it!
No hassle, no charge: I pay your shipping!

Hi, I’m Molly, creator of TofuKitty!

About five years ago I got my degree in environmental ecology because I wanted to make a difference for people and the planet (and for kitties…I love kitties!). As a vegetarian, I was interested in finding new ways to work with plants, and I was finally able to get a job working with soy. It turns out that the soy food industry only uses a small part of the total soybean plant, and it was really hard for me to see the rest of it end up in a landfill. So, I came up with a way to use it, and TofuKitty is the result.


It’s easy! Just fill your cat’s litter box to a depth of 2-3”, and refill as needed. One bag will last the entire month!

TofuKitty clumps right away, and dissolves almost instantly in your toilet (really!). This makes it super simple to just scoop, flush, and done! Simple!

TofuKitty is made of 100% food-grade reclaimed soy that would normally have gone straight into a landfill. I thought that there must be another use for all that food waste, and TofuKitty is the result!


Each bag of TofuKitty is engineered to last one cat for one month!
Because TofuKitty is exponentially (2-3x!) more absorbent than any other litter, one 10lb bag will last an entire month!
TofuKitty is probably the safest cat litter on the planet. It’s the only cat litter made with food-grade ingredients, and it’s 100% non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals. It’s completely safe for you cat’s skin and paws, and even if it’s eaten!
Of course! Just make sure you get one bag per cat.
 TofuKitty is designed to work with most medium-sized litter boxes. If you use a ‘larger than average’ litter box, you may want to consider using two bags of TofuKitty.
Of course! We may even be able to donate you bags. Contact us for more info: meow [at]
TofuKitty Club is a litter club designed to make your life easier. We’re not only providing you with the best, safest, and easiest cat litter, we’re doing it monthly without you having to think about it. That’s one less errand to worry about! Of course, you can cancel at any time and we won’t re-bill you. Just head to the Account link at the bottom of the page to log in and manage your subscription
TofuKitty is soft on paws and is very easy to dig in, so virtually all cats take to it right away. However, as we all know, some cats are finicky and you may have to transition your cat to TofuKitty more slowly by mixing it with his or her old litter at first, then transitioning completely to TofuKitty over the course of a few weeks.
Yes, TofuKitty works with most self-cleaning litter boxes!
No problem at all, simply subscribe to the two bag delivery and you’ll be all set.
 Not at all! The unique shape and composition of TofuKitty is designed to prevent tracking.
Nope, TofuKitty’s color comes from soy, and is absolutely non-transferring or staining.
Too easy! Just log into your account and from there you can update your billing information, shipping address, skip a month, or cancel your subscription.
Absolutely, you can cancel from inside of your account at any time, and we will never bill you again if you do (unless you resubscribe!).
That depends on where you live, but delivery is typically, at most, 7 days inside of North America (usually faster).

If you allow your cat go outside and kill wildlife, it could be infected with toxoplasmosis (and your cat could be infecting the sewage system via runoff, rather than flushing). However, if you’re a responsible kitty parent and your cat is an indoor cat that isn’t outside harming native wildlife, it won’t have had the opportunity to become infected with toxoplasmosis and the litter is perfectly safe to flush! If you previously allowed your cat to run feral outside, you can ensure it no longer has toxoplasmosis by keeping it inside for 2+ weeks, giving the parasite time to complete it’s lifecycle and leave your cat’s body.