Join the TofuKitty Club Ambassador Program

At TofuKitty, my team and I are passionate about cats (obviously!) but more than that, we are on a mission to keep the earth green and all its inhabitants safe. We’re doing this by educating our audience on the health of our planet and our wildlife, and providing simple, actionable lifestyle changes to minimize their (and their kitty’s) impact on the environment. Does this sound like a mission you can get behind? Then Join the TofuKitty Club Ambassador Program!

Why Join the Ambassador Program?


Help improve the health of the planet while helping cat-owners (over 42.7 million homes across the United States!) make safer, more informed choices.

Future Impact

Be known as an advocate for the planet and kitties alike and create an impact for generations to come.

Online Recognition

Get recognized for being a community leader and eco-warrior by sharing your TofuKitty Club Ambassador position and educational content on the social media networks of your choice!


Have the chance to impact new products and product updates through testing and sharing your feedback with us.

Who’s a Great Fit?

  • I’m looking for people that are passionate about the environment and, of course, kitties!
  • If you’re an avid writer or video blogger in the cat industry, an eco-warrior, or even a cat owner that’s passionate about could be a perfect fit!
  • If you love writing, educating, videotaping, or snapping pictures of your cat, apply!
  • I don’t care about your follower count as much as how much you’re a fit for my brand, so if you’re in doubt, reach out.

What You’ll Get

  • Get the planet’s most eco-friendly cat litter, TofuKitty, every month!
  • Money! Earn commissions of up to $20 per sale!
  • Get TofuKitty official swag.
  • VIP exclusives for our top earners including special events and additional sponsorship opportunities.

I’d love to hear from you now!

Click on the link below and I’ll let you know soon if your application is accepted, then you’ll be a member of my exclusive group of hand-selected brand ambassadors!

Why You’ll Love TofuKitty

Hi, I’m Molly, an environmental ecologist and creator of TofuKitty. I created a new kind of litter that was made with you, your kitty, and the planet in mind. You shouldn’t have to choose between effective cat litter and making green choices. My litter is:


Triple odor protection


Dust free




Low tracking

Chemical free

Super absorbent

Pest free

Soft on paws