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At TofuKitty, my team and I are passionate about cats (obviously!) but more than that, we are on a mission to keep the earth green and all its inhabitants safe. We’re doing this by educating our audience on the health of our planet and our wildlife, and providing simple, actionable lifestyle changes to minimize their (and their kitty’s) impact on the environment. Does this sound like a mission you can get behind? Then you'd be a perfect fit for my Ambassador Program!

My ambassadors can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars in commissions and enjoy a free shipment of my eco-friendly cat litter, swag, the opportunity to show off your furbaby (if you have one), and unique experiences including traveling with us to events and taking part in elaborate photo and video shoots.

If all of this sounds like a fit, please review the below agreement and fill in the contact information and I’ll get back to you shortly! - Molly

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