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The world’s most eco-friendly cat litter, delivered monthly.

Because you shouldn’t have to choose between effective cat litter and the health of the planet.

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Does this sound familiar?...

  • Are you fed up with the toxic cat litter choices available at most pet and grocery stores?
  • Do you feel awful that your current cat litter is made with processes that are detrimental to the environment?
  • Does it frustrate you that your litter contains hazardous chemicals with names you can barely pronounce?
  • Are you sick of the excessive dust and crystal particles triggering asthma attacks for your cat or your family members?
  • Are you looking for a litter that actually blocks out wretched smells from urine, poo, and ammonia?
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Now, imagine your new reality as a TofuKitty Club member...

  • A cat litter with absolutely no harmful chemicals or clumping agents added? Don’t pinch yourself, it’s real!
  • A litter that helps save natural resources, reduces greenhouse gases, and reduces landfill pollution? Totally!
  • What if you could simply open the door and *poof* this cat litter magically appeared?
  • Imagine pouring your kitty litter without a wave of dust smacking you in the face. No more sneezing?!
  • See yourself dancing around your house barefoot again! Goodbye tracking, hello clean floors!
  • Wretched eye-watering, breath-holding, ammonia smell wafting throughout your house? Not anymore!

Introducing TofuKitty litter

Hi, I’m Molly, an environmental ecologist and creator of TofuKitty. I created a new kind of litter that was made with you, your kitty, and the planet in mind. You shouldn’t have to choose between effective cat litter and making green choices. My litter is:


Triple odor protection


Dust free




Low tracking

Chemical free

Super absorbent

Pest free

Soft on paws

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.

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