The 14 Best Cat-Friendly Plants For Your Home

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Having cats and plants in the same household may sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually not difficult! If you know which plants are suitable for a house with cats, then it’s really easy!

Read on to learn more about the best cat-friendly plants for your home!

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  1. Cornflower
  2. Air Plant
  3. Friendship Plant
  4. Herbs
  5. Parlor Palm
  6. Spider Plant
  7. Lipstick Plant
  8. Watermelon Plant
  9. Impatiens
  10. Sunflowers
  11. Purple Velvet Plant
  12. Cast Iron Plant
  13. Roses
  14. Blue Globe Thistle

Cat-Friendly Plants

Having plants in the house is great. Plants freshen up the air in the room, add more color to your life, and stress-reducing effects on you to boost your mood.

But as cat owners, we need to be more careful about which plants to bring into our household because many plants are toxic for cats. Most cats love to play with plants and nibble at the leaves, but if you bring the wrong plant to your house, it can cause very serious health problems for your furbaby.

In this article, we’ve listed 14 cat-friendly plants that won’t hurt your feline friends even if they nibble at them.


Cat and yellow sunflowers on the window | Cornflower | The 14 Best Cat-Friendly Plants For Your Home

Cornflowers are beautiful, and they bring a friendly vibe into your home. They are also non-toxic for your cat.

Air Plant

Air plants are an excellent option for your home. They are small, don’t require soil to grow, which makes them low maintenance and pet-friendly! Your cat might want to chew and nibble the leaves, but that’s okay because air plants are non-toxic for your feline friends. If you want to keep your plants safe, just keep them in a terrarium.

Friendship Plant

Friendship plant gets its name from its ability to be divided and shared easily. This humidity loving plant doesn’t usually grow more than 12 inches, and it’s safe for pets even if they chew it!

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.


You can grow some herbs in your home to add more flavors to your meals. Some herbs such as lavender and oregano are toxic for your cats, though, so you might wanna choose thyme, basil, or sage.

Parlor Palm

Parlor palm is a small tree that does not require a lot of maintenance. It’s a great plant for beginners, and it is completely cat friendly. You can place your parlor palm in a sunny area in your home and water it when the soil looks dry.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is one of the easiest plants to grow in your home. It grows well in indirect sunlight, and it’s low maintenance. It’s also non-toxic for your feline friends, so you don’t have to worry about your cat’s health with this plant.

Lipstick Plant

Lipstick plant is a fun, colorful plant for your home. It’s a tropical plant, so it’ll grow better under bright light, and it’s safe for cats! You just need to water it consistently to keep it growing.

Watermelon Plant

Watermelon plant is a small plant that can grow well in low light conditions so you can place it somewhere that your cats cannot reach. Even if your cats manage to play with this plant, you don’t need to worry about it because it’s completely safe for cats.


Impatiens are lovely spring flowers that can grow in the shade, which makes them a great option for those with limited spaces. They have bright, beautiful colors and they are cat friendly.


Cat and yellow sunflowers on the window | Sunflowers | The 14 Best Cat-Friendly Plants For Your Home

Sunflowers can brighten up your house with bright colors. Growing them in the house can be tricky, but you can always buy a bouquet for your living room. But make sure you get the real sunflowers and not the daisies that look like sunflowers. Daisies are toxic for kittens, so make sure you double-check with your florist before buying them.

Purple Velvet Plant

This cat-friendly plant is not very common, so it can be interesting to have it in your home. It has bright purple leaves, and it occasionally blooms with orange flowers! It can change the mood in your home.

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant can be the best plant for a cat owner because it only requires occasional attention. You’ll need to wipe its leaves occasionally and water it, but this plant will not die even if you forget about it. They are also 100% cat-friendly.


Roses are beautiful, and they are safe for cats to be around. The only trick is that if you have a small kitten, you’ll need to pay more attention so that your kittens don’t accidentally swallow the thorns.

Blue Globe Thistle

Blue Globe Thistle is a beautiful plant with blue flowers that might look a bit dangerous, but it is entirely safe. You can easily grow it in your home or just buy it in bouquets. It belongs to the sunflower family, so it’s completely non-toxic for your cats.

If your cat chews the leaves of your plants, we recommend observing your cat’s behavior for a while because even non-toxic plants can sometimes cause stomach pain, especially for younger kittens.

With the information provided in this article, you can now choose plants that won’t hurt your cats and enjoy a house with beautiful flowers.


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