9 Tips To Cat-Proof Your Home For A Safe And Happy Cat

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Cat proofing your home is necessary for two reasons; protecting your cat from possible injuries and protecting your home from your cat. Read on to learn more about how to cat-proof your home for a happier and safer household.

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Cat Proofing Your Home

Cat proofing your home is an essential part of preparing before the arrival of a furry friend. But it’s never too late to cat-proof your home or make different arrangements depending on your cat’s behavior as it might change with time.

There are corners in your home that you’re probably not aware of, but cats are excellent explorers, and they may find secret places to hide or hoard things. Cats are naturally curious animals, and this curiosity might cause them to hurt themselves. As your curious furbaby is exploring the house, he might knock over things that could hurt him and damage your home or beloved possessions.

9 Tips To Cat-Proof Your Home

There are hidden dangers in your home that may not seem important to you but can result in horrible consequences for your feline friends. Here are 9 tips to make your home a safer place for your cats.


Get rid of the blind cords in your home. Your cats can get injured or even strangle themselves while playing with blind cords. Tie the blind cords or cut them completely to prevent your cats from playing with them.

Electrical cords, on the other hand, cannot be cut, but they can be covered. If your cats chew these cords, the consequences can be horrible.


Fluffy kitten sits on a windowsill with pots of plants, comfort to a homeless animal | Plants | 9 Tips To Cat-Proof Your Home For A Safe And Happy Cat

Some plants, like lilies and cyclamens, are toxic for cats. And such plants can cause serious health problems if you cats nibble at them or chew the leaves. So make sure you choose cat-friendly plants for your home and try to keep the potted plants in safe places to prevent your cats from knocking them over.

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.

Small Items

Q-tips, rubber bands, deflated balloons, paperclips, thumbtacks, and other small items can cause your cat to choke or cause other problems if your cat swallows them. Make sure to keep such little things in a box that your cat cannot reach.

Big Items

Big and heavy furniture and decorations such as big bookshelves, statues, vases, etc. should be secured because they might fall and cause injuries.


Candles, stoves, and fireplaces should be secured and checked regularly to protect your cats from accidentally burning their whiskers or tails. You can use a secure fire screen for your fireplace and choose flameless candles for a safer ambiance.


Curious cats usually go trash diving when we are not looking. It may seem like a harmless act, but compost can make cats sick, and food bags can suffocate them. Playing with the things you throw away can cause various health issues for your feline friends.


Cat is sniffing cylinder of air freshener | Chemicals | 9 Tips To Cat-Proof Your Home For A Safe And Happy Cat

House cleaning products, personal care products, garage items, medications, pesticides, and other chemicals are all very hazardous for cats. Keeping them away from cats is very important for their health.

You can keep your personal care products and medications in a high bathroom cabinet, and if there’s no high cabinet available, you can use child-proof locks on the low cabinets to prevent your cats from breaking in. You can also keep such items in a locked box.

House cleaning products can be kept in a locked cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom. Drain cleaners, bleach, and other chemicals can cause kidney damage, stomach problems, and extreme cases can lead to death. You can also switch to cat-friendly cleaning products for a safer home.

Automotive chemicals such as antifreeze, motor oil, are highly poisonous for cats as well as other chemicals that you may have in the garage such as pesticides, fuels, paints, fertilizers, etc. Such chemicals can cause death, and they should be kept in a big container in your garage, preferably in a locked cabinet.

Domestic Appliances

Domestic appliances can offer a place to hide for your curious furry friends. Make sure to check your washing machine and dryer before using them. Such appliances are usually warm, and cats might prefer some alone time in these machines. Also, if you’re not using cat-friendly products, leftover chemicals in the machines can cause health issues.


If you have a pool that your cats can fall into, you should secure it by placing a fence around it. Make sure to empty your bathtub after using it and clean the leftover chemicals. And always remember to keep the toilet seat closed because cats might fall into it and drown. Even if they don’t drown, the leftover chemicals in such places can cause digestive problems in cats.

There are some dangers that we are aware of, and there are some that we are not. In this article, we have listed some hidden dangers and how to cat-proof your home for a safer and happier life both for you and your feline friends. You can now check your home for the listed possible dangers and see if your home is safe enough for your cats.


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