Eco-Friendly Cat Toys To Entertain Your Cat

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It's important to go green! There are various adjustments that you can do to be eco-friendly in your lifestyle. You can also go green with your fur children! Read on to learn more about eco-friendly cat toys and how to choose them.

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Eco-friendly Cat Toys

Going green with your fur children is easier than you think. You can buy cat food in bulk to reduce plastic waste or make your cat food at home from scratch. You can go green with our TofuKitty cat litter. And you can choose eco-friendly cat toys for your fur babies!

Eco-friendly cat toys are becoming more and more popular as a growing number of people are going green with their feline friends. You can buy eco-friendly cat toys or make toys from random objects in your house.

Organic Toys

Cute yellow cat playing with a sock lying down on the couch at home | Organic Toys | Eco-Friendly Cat Toys To Entertain Your Cat

Toys have a significant environmental impact; therefore, choosing toys produced from natural materials or organic ones can help you minimize your contribution to pollution. There's a growing number of people who are selecting organic toys for their cats.

For organic products, there's a big span of various options online! Make sure you choose a trusted brand while shopping for organic cat toys.

DIY Toys

If you have some doubts about buying cat toys online, that's okay! You can make eco-friendly toys at home! We all have some stuff that we don't use in homes! Turn them into toys for your fur babies!

Here are 7 DIY cat toy ideas!

Walnut Toy

This is one of the easiest toys that you can make at home! Put a tiny bell in a walnut shell and seal it with non-toxic glue and viola! Your fur baby has a new organic toy!

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.

Treat Cup

You can make a toy that is full of treats for your cat to enjoy!

All you need to do is fold one end of a toilet paper roll, add some treats, and fold the other end before giving it to your cat.

You can leave the ends in a semi-closed shape to make it easier for your cat to get the treats!

Sock Toy

Use one of the socks that are missing a partner and turn it into a toy for your cat! You can put some catnip in the sock and sew it or tie it with a knot. Your cat will enjoy this new toy!

Knotted Ball Toy

Upcycle an old t-shirt into a new toy for your fur baby. You only need an old t-shirt and fabric scissors.

Cut the t-shirt into strips by cutting it in a curved style and make sure to leave at least 1 inch from the uncut edges of the shirt.

Pull the strings gently and tie the strands in a knot. Wrap it into a form of a ball and know the working strand on the top to finish!

Candy Catnip

Here's another way to upcycle old shirts!

Get 2 - 3 shirts in colors that you want and cut them on each side by the seams.

Cut them into 3" x 10" rectangles and make a pile of 6 strips with different colors.

Slightly stretch each strip, so it rolls up onto itself.

Add some catnip in the middle and tie it into a knot. Pull the ends slightly and voila! Your candy catnips are ready!

Cat Tent

You can make a private tent for your cat with just two hangers and a shirt! You'll need a shirt, a 15x15 inch piece of cardboard, 2 wire hangers, tape and safety pins.

Cut the squiggly ends of the hangers and shape them into a "C."
Poke a hole in the corners of the cardboard.
Make an X with the hangers and tape them together from the middle.
Put the ends of the hangers into the cardboard.
Bend the ends of the hangers and tape them safely.
Pull the shirt over the tent frame you created and fold the extra parts under the tend with safety pins.
Put the sleeves in and let your fur baby enjoy its new tent!

Pom Pom Thread

You can thread some pom poms on a string of yarn and make a brand new toy for your fur baby! You only need a dowel rod, 10-15 inches long yarn, some pom poms, and a needle!

Thread the yarn and string the pom poms on the yarn and knot before and after the pom poms so they can stay in place. Tie the pom pom thread nicely to the wand, and your cat's new toy is ready!

Make sure all the ingredients you use, such as glue, tape, etc. are all toxic free and organic. You can upcycle random items around the house by turning them into new toys for your cat. And we're sure your cat is going to love them!


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