Living with Your Cat in the City

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While the idea of living with your feline friend in the big city may sound so much fun, it does come with its challenges.

There’s no doubt that cats are a popular choice for household pets. As a matter of fact, according to Statista, there are about 95.6 million owned cats in the USA alone.

Compared to dogs, cats are relatively low-maintenance pets. They can be left alone at home as long as they have access to food, water, litter box, and some form of entertainment. Cats are also generally quiet and sedentary in nature, making them the ideal pet to have, especially for apartment and small-space dwellers.

Regardless how big or small your living space is in the city, cats will always be a good fit. Whether you’re planning to move to the big city with your feline friend, or an urban dweller thinking of getting a pet cat soon, there are some things that you need to consider to make cohabitation easier for everyone.

Are Cats Permitted in Your Apartment?

Before bringing in a cat to your apartment, you first need to make sure that cats are allowed within your residence. Typically, most apartments, if not all, have restrictions when it comes to pet ownership. Be sure to check the specifics such as what types of pets and breeds are allowed and the limit on the number of pets that can be kept. This is crucial especially if you intend to have multiple cats in your apartment.

The Best Cat Breeds for Apartments and Small-Spaces

One reason why some households prefer having cats over dogs as pets is because they adapt easily to indoor life and can cope better with their human’s hectic lifestyles. However, not all cats are made equal. There are certain cat breeds and personality types that are best suited for apartment living. Here are some of them:

1. British Shorthair

This lap cat breed is known for its quiet demeanor and ability to adapt well indoors. British Shorthairs are easy-going, non-destructive, and sedentary, making them a good cat for apartments.

2. Persian

Persian cats are also a good choice for an apartment pet. They are quiet, affectionate, and pretty chill cats. However, they are very high-maintenance pets as they need to be groomed regularly. They are also prone to having separation anxiety, so having more than one person at home may be necessary.

3. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are also known for their gentle and laid-back personality. If you’re looking for an affectionate and devoted cat that can tolerate being alone at home during the day, then the Ragdoll could be your ideal companion.

Ultimately, the deciding factor when choosing a feline companion is not its breed, but its personality. Apart from the cat’s personality, you must also take your lifestyle into consideration to ensure that your pet will be a good fit for your living situation.

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.

How to Make Your Apartment Cat-Friendly

Living in the city can be tough on cats, as there’s very limited space to see and move around. Luckily, there are a number of ways to make apartment living comfortable and enjoyable for your feline friend.

1. Create vertical spaces.

Creating vertical spaces opens up their space, which is crucial especially if you own multiple cats. Giving your cat areas to jump into also encourages exercise, which is something that indoor cats sorely lack. Placing cat condos or cat trees, wall-mounted shelves, tall bookcases, or even a simple windowsill offer excellent vantage points for your feline friend.

2. Keep your cats entertained.

Although cats are considered as pretty chill pets, they still require some form of entertainment and activity every day. I recommend at least 15 to 20 minutes of playtime with your kitty each day. Lack of stimulation can cause behavioral problems, so providing sources of entertainment is a good way to keep boredom at bay. Provide scratching posts, toys, vertical shelving, or even a simple access to a windowsill to keep your pet cat busy while you’re away.

3. Provide multiple litter boxes.

Litter boxes should be provided for each cat (especially if you have multiple cats), and should be placed in different locations. Do note that cats don’t like to do their business in busy areas or anywhere near their food, so make sure to place their boxes strategically.

Getting Rid of Litter Box Odors

Practicing proper litter box maintenance is crucial to prevent your entire apartment from smelling like cat waste. Pressed for time to clean? Eco-friendly cat litters such as TofuKitty can make cleaning litter boxes a breeze. These flushable litters can come in really handy, especially for apartment and small-space dwellers. For a more detailed guide on how to clean your cat’s litter box, check out this post.

4. Keep away all fragile items.

Steer clear of any fragile items that could be damaged by your cat. Cats are avid jumpers, so keep your prized items away from your cat’s play zone to prevent them from getting toppled over.

Creating a cat-friendly home is essential to keep your feline friend happy and healthy. Ensuring that your pet cat is well adapted to its environment not only provides positive benefits to your pet, but to you as well.

How to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

Keeping your apartment smelling fresh can be a challenge especially if you have a pet cat at home. Apart from proper litter box maintenance, as mentioned earlier, regular spot cleaning around the house is also necessary to prevent odors from accumulating.

To prevent having that infamous cat odor in your home, you can use all-natural disinfectants and deodorizers such as white vinegar, activated charcoal, and baking soda. You can also use essential oils to keep your home smelling fresh, but make sure to only use oils that are safe for cats.

The Purr-fect Apartment Pet

Living in the city can be tough, that is why having a pet cat at home provides a great relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. Not only do they look cute, but they also provide unconditional love and devotion that you can’t easily find anywhere else. However, getting a pet cat is a serious responsibility—more so if you live in a small apartment in the city. Cats are particularly sensitive about their environment, so it’s crucial to create a safe and enriching living space to keep them healthy and happy.

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.
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