Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Cat

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Thinking of adopting a cat? Most people who visit the shelters usually gravitate towards the playful kittens. They’re so cute, right? But take a look around the next time you’re in a shelter. Some of the older cats are very charming and deserve some attention too.

Adopting a senior cat has to be an informed decision. There are a few things to consider when adopting a geriatric cat. The cat hasn’t been brought to the shelter because he or she is necessarily troubled. Maybe their senior citizen owner has passed away or it was found wandering the streets. Taking home an older cat who may not get another chance at a forever home is a truly rewarding experience. Besides saving a life you’ll get lots of love and a great new family member.

Let’s take a look at some great reasons why you should consider adopting a senior cat.

What is a Senior Cat

Cats are considered adults at around one year old. When a cat hits seven or eight years of age it is thought to be a senior cat. This does not mean that they are old and start to become sick at this age. They have many years left in them and are usually by that time much calmer, set in their ways, and easier to care for.

Why Adopt an Old Cat

People usually go to the shelters to adopt a kitten thinking that it’s what’s best for them and their family. Shelters are usually full of older cats as well that should be taken into consideration. There are many reasons why adopting a senior cat is a good option.

  • Litter Trained: Older cats are already litter trained so you won’t be picking up surprises all over the house.
  • Clean: Senior cats are generally cleaner and groom better than kittens.
  • Personality: The senior cat’s personality is already established and you will see it instantly in the first few minutes of spending time with it at the shelter. No surprises when you get home.
  • Behavior: The older cat will not destroy your furniture nor your belongings. It probably knows how to use a scratching post. It also won’t have the teething issues like kittens who tend to chew on inappropriate things and also possibly your hands.
  • Size: They are full-grown, so what you see is what you get.
  • Wise: Older cats are better with children. They tend to be more patient than kittens who will sometimes scratch playfully and hurt young children. They also know when to get out of the way of children so as not to get hurt.
  • Calm: Older cats are also perfect for older family members. They usually sleep more than kittens and make great nap buddies.
  • Lots of Love: Last but not least, geriatric cats need us. A shelter is not an ideal place to live in its last years.

Preparing for Your Geriatric Cat

Preparing your home for your new furbaby is essential in order to make the transition from the shelter to your house easier for everybody.

Get supplies

Purchase the necessary supplies prior to your furry friend’s arrival and have everything ready in a dedicated space for him or her. An older cat will need the same basic supplies as a kitten. Items like a pet litter box, litter, food and water, a scratching post, and a few toys. Yes, older cats are often playful and enjoy running after balls and strings.

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The right choice, for your kitty and the earth.

Be patient

Give your new furry friend time to adjust to you and to the other family members in the household. Be patient and allow the cat to discover his or her new surroundings at his or her own pace. Use treats and positive encouragements to make it feel comfortable in its new home.

Medical background

Make sure to inquire about the cat’s medical history and if he or she needs any special medical attention or medication.

What to Expect When You Adopt a Senior Cat

Adopting an older cat has a few challenges and some things are to be considered.

Health issues

One of the main issues people have with adopting an older cat is that it will need medical attention and more veterinary visits. First, the older cat is probably already spayed or neutered so this is a savings factor for you when you bring home a senior cat. Yes, the cat will need regular veterinary visits and may require some medications. But remember, not all aging cats get sick.


The next thing to keep in mind is that you will not have as much time to spend with your new pet as opposed to adopting him or her when it's a kitten. Simply knowing this fact often makes people appreciate the time they do have with their furry friend more.

Even with all this being said, the positives outweigh the small issues involved in adopting a senior cat. All the love and cuddles are definitely worth it.

Caring for a Senior Cat

Providing adequate care for your senior cat will involve a few things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Schedule regular veterinary visits. Keep a health-check schedule with your vet to make sure that any issues get addressed immediately.
  • Provide good quality food - keep a healthy weight. Feed your furry friend the best quality food to assure a healthy and long life. Make sure not to over-feed your cat to ensure optimal body weight. Your senior cat may also have teeth or health issues that require you to feed it special food.
  • Purchase the best cat litter. Your senior cat deserves the best care to make sure it lives as healthy and as long as possible. This means providing a healthy environment and home. Traditional cat litters can be harmful to your senior cat. TofuKitty is made entirely of food-grade plant ingredients and has absolutely no harmful chemicals or clumping agents added. Switching your new furry family member’s cat litter type is easy when done right.
  • Check for changes in behavior and stools. Your cat obviously can't tell you when something is wrong. The best way to see if something is going on with your furbaby is to observe his or her behavior for any changes. Is she sleeping more than usual? Is she not eating as much? These are signs that something may be happening. Also, check the stools and frequency, and again keep aware of any changes.

I think that adopting a senior cat is rewarding and can enrich your life and your home tremendously. The older cats at the shelter seem to appreciate it so much more when they get adopted and head to their forever homes. They still have years of love to give and you should be the lucky one to receive all those cuddles and purrs that they generously and genuinely give.

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