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Finally, a plant-based, chemical free alternative to clay litter!

Healthier for your kitty, you, and the environment. Delivered to your door monthly!

Hidden Dangers of Clay Litter

Clay Litter is TOXIC!

  • Clay litter contains a harmful chemical called Sodium Bentonite that can cause lung issues, intestinal blockage, and possibly death.
  • Used as the clumping agent in clay litter, this toxin can negatively affect not only your kitty’s health, but yours, and your family’s.


  • Clay litter is stripe mined from otherwise pristine natural environments, killing native wildlife, ruining their habitat, and dumping tons and tons of silt into rivers and the ocean, where it chokes aquatic life and further destroys the ecosystem.
  • Clay litter is cheap, but that's about the only benefit it offers.  It's harmful for your cat, it's harmful for you, and it's harmful for the planet. Avoid it at all costs!
dangers clay litter toxic chemical sodium bentonite lung issues death clumping

TofuKitty is safer and easier than clay litter!

Hi, I’m Molly, an environmental ecologist and creator of TofuKitty. I created a new kind of litter that was made with you, your kitty, and the planet in mind. You shouldn’t have to choose between effective cat litter and making green choices. My litter is:


Triple odor protection


Dust free




Low tracking

Chemical free

Super absorbent

Pest free

Soft on paws

Our Customers LOVE TofuKitty!

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