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About TofuKitty

What's the difference between TofuKitty and the other cat litter subscriptions?

Great question! TofuKitty is good for the earth, your kitty, and you! My revolutionary litter is made entirely from recycled, food-grade plant ingredients that would otherwise end up in a landfill! It locks away CO2 from the atmosphere, is 100% vegan-friendly, is completely biodegradable, and gets delivered right to your doorstep! The planet loves my litter, but kitties do too! It’s soft on paws, is easy to dig in, locks away moisture, and doesn’t stick to their little paws! All of this means less odor, less mess, a happier kitty, and a greener planet! That's the TofuKitty difference!

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Who is TofuKitty made for?

TofuKitty litter isn't for every cat owner (though, hopefully one day I hope it will be!). If you're looking for a cheap litter without consideration for the health or environmental impacts of the litter, then TofuKitty isn't for you. TofuKitty is made for cat parents who are looking for a non-toxic, all-natural, 100% kitty- and human-safe litter. It's for cat-owning eco-warriors who want to protect the environment, wildlife, and communities. It's for cat-moms and cat-dads who are sick of the environmental and ecological destruction caused by traditional cat litters. It's for cat-parents who are living a low-waste or zero-waste lifestyle (or those of us who are trying our best), because you understand that we only have 1 planet and want to protect it. It's also for those with furbabies who just want a dang-good litter that's dust-free and tough on odors. If you can relate to at least one of the statements above, TofuKitty is for you!

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What is TofuKitty made out of?

Isn't it good to know that TofuKitty is a 100% all-natural product without any clumping agents or harmful chemicals? It's made entirely from recycled, food-grade plant parts that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It's biodegradable, compostable and flushable, which prevents it from being a burden on the environment. Everything we do has an impact on the planet. From the food that we eat to the items we shop for, all of these things leave a carbon footprint which contributes to our growing problem of climate change. That's why I'm doing everything I can to help cat-owners reduce their cat's carbon footprint with TofuKitty!

Does TofuKitty track easily?

Not at all! The unique shape and composition of TofuKitty is designed to prevent tracking.

Will TofuKitty stain my cat’s paws or the floor?

Nope. TofuKitty’s color comes from plant-based ingredients, and is absolutely non-transferring or staining.

How to Use TofuKitty

How do I use TofuKitty?

It’s easy! Just fill your cat’s litter box to a depth of 2-3”, and refill as needed. Because it's 3x more absorbent than traditional litters, one 10lb bag will last one cat the entire month! Clean daily by simply sifting clumped litter and flush down the toilet! Yup, it's safe for well-maintained septic systems and dissolves in water. This helps save the environment as you won't need any more plastic bags for old litter! Click here to see it in action!

How it works

If it dissolves in water, will I just have soup-y mess in my litter box?

Oh my goodness, no! The litter clumps in the box and dissolves when submerged in water (when flushed). The clumping vs dissolving is a function of litter to water ratio: it simply cannot dissolve in the box, but it will dissolve when it’s submerged. Watch the video to see it in action!

How it works

What do I do with the waste?

Since TofuKitty is biodegradable, you can flush old litter and waste down the toilet (really!). Sounds good, doesn't it? With TofuKitty, you're helping to reduce the damage to our environment with sustainable and biodegradable litter from a natural source! TofuKitty clumps right away, and dissolves almost instantly in your toilet. This makes it super simple to just scoop, flush, and done! Simple! It's 2-3x more absorbent than any other litter on the market, clumps instantly, and, if your cat is an indoor cat, it's perfectly safe to flush for well-maintained septic systems. Or, if you prefer, you can compost it!

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Can I use TofuKitty with multiple cats?

Of course! Just make sure you get one bag per cat.

What size litter box is TofuKitty designed for?

I designed TofuKitty to work with an average-sized litter box (about 16”x20”). If you use a ‘larger than average’ litter box, you may want to consider using two bags of TofuKitty. I would hate for you to not have enough litter!

How it works

Will TofuKitty work with self-cleaning litter boxes?

TofuKitty will work in some automatic litter boxes, but not all. TofuKitty usually works in boxes designed for scooping clay clumps, like the Pet Zone Smart Scoop. In general, if your litter box will scoop clay clumps and has teeth spaced at least 1cm apart, it should work with TofuKitty, but I’m not able to guarantee that it will work because there are so many different models!

TofuKitty usually won’t work in the LitterRobot, or in the PetSafe ScoopFree box or similar boxes designed specifically for scooping poop out of crystal litter, because they don’t have enough power to remove litter clumps.

What if my cat is large and I use a large litter box?

No problem at all. Simply subscribe to the two bag delivery and you’ll be all set.

Health & Safety

Is TofuKitty safe for my cat (and me)?

Did you know that TofuKitty protects your cat, you, and the environment? TofuKitty is probably the safest cat litter on the planet. It's made from recycled, food-grade plant ingredients which are compostable, flushable and can be refilled, easily. It’s 100% non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals. It’s completely safe for you and your cat -- even if it's eaten!
Traditional litters often contain hazardous chemicals like sodium bentonite and crystalline silica, or perfumes and other non-essential additives that can cause health issues for you, your family, and your cat.

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Will this litter attract mice, pests, or other rodents?

Unlike other all-natural, grain litters you won’t have to worry about keeping the remaining TofuKitty litter in an airtight or sealed container to keep out bugs and other pests. My litter isn’t ‘raw’ so bugs, rodents, pests, or even other pets won’t recognize it as food. No worries!

Will my cat have a problem using TofuKitty?

TofuKitty is soft on paws and is very easy to dig in, so virtually all cats take to it right away. However, as we all know, some cats are finicky and you may have to transition your cat to TofuKitty more slowly by mixing it with his or her old litter at first, then transitioning completely to TofuKitty over the course of a few weeks.

What about flushing and toxoplasmosis?

The only way cats can catch Toxoplasmosis is from infected meat, usually from being outside where they kill and eat native wildlife. If you previously allowed your cat(s) outside, you can ensure it no longer has toxoplasmosis by keeping it inside for 2+ weeks, giving the parasite time to complete it’s lifecycle and leave your cat’s body. Cats with toxoplasmosis will always contribute that parasite to the water table somehow, whether via rainwater runoff, landfill runoff, or just pooping outside. Because of this, I recommend that you keep your kitty indoors! Read more about this extremely important topic here.

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It's flushable, but is it safe for septic tanks?

Yes, it's safe for well-maintained septic systems. However, some Club members like to compost it instead. One customer even said her grass is coming back!

Purchasing & Shipping

I'm confused. Can you explain the number of bags/shipping process?

If you have one cat, you'll get 1 box from TofuKitty every other month with 2 bags of litter in it (2 months-worth of litter). You'll be charged $49.98 every 2 months instead of $29.99 per month (a $5 savings per month!).
If you have 2 cats, you'll get 1 box from TofuKitty every month with 2 bags of litter in it. You'll be charged $49.98 every month.
If you have 3 or more cats, you'll get 1 box from TofuKitty every 2 weeks with 2 bags of litter in it. You'll get charged $49.98 every 2 weeks.

When I order litter for 1 cat, why am I billed every two months?

I'm no longer sending out single bags of TofuKitty litter. I made this decision for a few reasons. All of the shipments of litter come in a beautiful, biodegradable cardboard box. This means, no more puncture wounds in the bag from the shipping process and it gives me the opportunity to switch up the plastic bag the litter comes in. Better, thinner bags = plastic waste reduction!
That being said, if you have one cat, you'll receive 1 box from TofuKitty every other month with 2 bags of litter in it. I'm continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and make the subscription process easier for my customers, and this solution covered both! With that one box, you'll have enough litter for 2 full months, which means less deliveries, less waste, and we're reducing the number of trucks producing C02. You'll be charged $49.99 every 2 months instead of the original $29.99 every month. So on top of all of the environmental savings, you'll save an additional $5 each month! Double-win!

Why does TofuKitty cost more than normal litters?

Though the initial price seems a bit more than traditional cat litters like clay and crystal, in the end, using TofuKitty actually SAVES you money! I did extensive research and surveyed cat owners across the nation and found that the total cost of the extras needed to keep the cat litter box (and your home) clean and the environmental destruction of traditional litters far outweighs the costs of a more premium, all-natural cat litter like TofuKitty. The outdated thought that natural cat litter costs a lot more than traditional cat litter has been debunked! See the results of my research here.

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How many bags do I need?

Each bag of TofuKitty is engineered to last one cat for one month!

How does one bag last an entire month?

Because TofuKitty is exponentially (2-3x!) more absorbent than any other litter, one 10lb bag will last one cat an entire month! It clumps so effectively that you don't have to worry about your kitty using a litter box that is saturated with their waste. And it's so good at locking in odors that it's like a fresh bag of litter every time you scoop!

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Do you offer bulk discounts for shelters and rescues?

Of course! We may even be able to donate you bags. Contact us for more info: meow [at]

How long does shipping take?

That depends on where you live, but delivery takes 7 days at most inside of North America (usually faster).

Account & Subscription Management

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Too easy! Just log into your account and from there you can update your billing information, shipping address, skip a month, or cancel your subscription. If you need additional help, just email me at: meow [at]


Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. You can cancel from inside of your account at any time, and we will never bill you again if you do (unless you resubscribe!). To avoid being billed again, you must pause or cancel at least 24 hours before the re-bill date. If you need additional help with canceling, contact me: meow [at]


Is my purchase automatically enrolled in monthly shipping?

TofuKitty Club is a litter club designed to make your life easier. We’re not only providing you with the best, safest, and easiest cat litter, we’re doing it monthly without you having to think about it. That’s one less errand to worry about! Of course, you can cancel at any time and we won’t re-bill you. Just click this link to head to the account login page and manage your subscription.


I still have a question. How can I speak with you?

You have questions, I have answers! Just email me at and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can!