TofuKitty Secret Santa Gift Exchange

It’s time to spread some holiday cheer! It’s gift-giving time...the best time of the year!

What is Secret Santa?

Me and my team here at TofuKitty love to give, share, and spoil kitties! What better way to spread the warm-fuzzies than by creating a nation-wide Secret Santa? For those that don’t know...Secret Santa, also commonly known as Kris Kringle, is a holiday tradition in which (in this case) a bunch of strangers that love kitties from around the U.S. anonymously exchange gifts.

Sign up & answer a few questions

Get your match...then buy and send the perfect gift

Unwrap the gift from your secret santa

Participating is fun and easy. Simply click the ‘Spread the Joy’ button below and fill out the participation survey. I’ll ask a few questions to get to know you and your kitty, as well as some logistical questions. Once you do, wait until the end of the signup period. Once registration is closed, I’ll randomly draw names for everyone so no one can spoil the surprise of who has who.

Soon after, you’ll get an email with information about your match. This information should help you pick out the perfect gift for the kitty (and their human, if you so choose). Keep in mind, someone else will be doing the same for make sure to put some time, effort, and a bit of thought into your gift.

When you’re getting ready to wrap and send your gift, snap some pictures and share it with us! When you get your awesome gift, show it off online so we can all celebrate together (and look at cute kitties sitting in boxes)!

Dates to know

First day to join:

November 11

End of campaign - all of your gifts should be received by this date:

December 31

Last day to join the exchange:

December 6

Gifts should be sent by this date:

December 18

Information sent out to all participants:

December 9

We’ll send you an email about the person (and kitty) you’re assigned to buy a gift.

The rules

You can spend as much as you want on your match and their furbaby, but we recommend around $20.

Don’t be a scrooge and not send a gift to your match...that’s just lame. If you’ve signed up to receive a gift, you better send a gift as well!

Snap photos while you’re wrapping your match’s gift and when you’re unwrapping your gift! Make sure to share it with me by tagging @tofukittyclub and by using #tofukittysecretsanta.

Of course, don’t reveal the name of your match until AFTER the exchange is over.

Don’t be impolite or rude...even if you HATE your gift. Someone went through the time and effort to buy you (a perfect stranger!) a gift. Be grateful.

Have fun! This gift exchange is supposed to be about the power of generosity and coming together as a earth-hugging, cat-loving community.